Joe and Frede's Top 10 Peak Hikes - All Top 10 Hikes Lists - Colorado
These are our personal 10 favorite hikes to peaks. We picked these mainly according to the fun of climbing the peak(s), and the views from the summit(s).
1 East Glacier Knob Hike This hike is a fun trip in route finding, as you make your way up and around the numerous cliff bands on this peak. It can be done without any scrambling if you know exactly which route to take, but there are numerous scrambling and rock climbing opportunities if you want them. The views from the summit of the surrounding peaks towering above is breathtaking.
2 Palisade Mountain Hike This hike takes you atop one the most striking lower foothills peaks in north-central Colorado. This is another peak with fun route finding. After climbing this peak 3 times, we have found a winding route from the west that avoids any scrambling until ascending the summit block. The views from the summit are amazing, and the nearly shear south face of the mountain allows impressive views down into the Big Thompson Canyon below.
3 Table Iron, Iron Mountain and Flat Top Mountain Hike via Trap Park This hike takes you through prime moose habitat in Trap Park, and then up three of the best Neota Flattops peaks. The steep sides and relatively flat tops to these mountains make them unique, and the views from their summits are great.
4 The Needles and Lumpy Ridge Traverse Lumpy Ridge is known as a world-class climbing area, and The Needles are the highest point on Lumpy Ridge. This hike takes you up a long, narrow and steep gully to the summit block, and then an easy 4th class climbs gets you on top. There are sheer drops on 3 sides of the summit, which provide wonderful birds eye views of Estes Park and surrounding Rocky Mountain National Park. The "traverse" section of the hike takes you along the rocky backbone of Lumpy Ridge.
5 North and Middle Bald Mountains and Laramie Mountains Highpoint This hike takes you to peaks with some of the best long-distance views in northern Colorado, including the highest summit in the Laramie Range. From the summits, you can see 7 different mountain ranges. There are several other impressive peaks in this complex of Bald Mountains, including nearby South Bald Mountain and 'Southeast Bald Mountain', which can all be combined together into a long and amazing hike
6 Comanche Peak Hike via the Old Morrill Trail This hike takes you to the highest named peak within the Comanche Peak Wilderness. The rocky summit provides a birds eye view down on Emmaline and Cirque Lakes far below, as well as a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.
7 Kruger Rock Trail This relatively short trail takes you to the rocky summit of Kruger Rock. The views from the summit are amazing, as you get a wide sweeping view of scores of snow-fringed peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park
8 East and West White Pine Mountains These prominent peaks had to be added to this list primarily because they possess the best stands of aspen in north-central Colorado. This is a must-do in the fall for any who love golden aspens. In addition, several rock outcrops near the summits provide wide sweeping views of the surrounding mountains.
9 Signal Mountain Trail This trail takes you along a pleasant and cascading stream, by one of the largest monoliths around, and to the summit of Signal Mountain. Sitting just above timberline on the northeast corner of Rocky Mountain National Park, it and nearby South Signal Mountain provide wonderful panoramic views of dozens of peaks.
10 Mount Olympus Hike This unofficial trail isn't very interesting until you make it to its rocky summit. Its nearly sheer south and west faces allow a birds eye view across Lake Estes and beyond to the dozens and dozens of snow-fringed peak of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Honorable Mentions
Greyrock Mountain Hike
Sleeping Elephant Mountain Hike
Ryder Peaks Hike
Horsetooth Mountain Hike