Joe and Frede's Top 10 Lake Hikes - All Top 10 Hikes Lists - Colorado
These are our personal 10 favorite hikes to lakes, with an emphasis being on how nice the lake(s) are at the end
1 Glacier Gorge Hike This is our number one lake hike because of all 9 lakes you can find up Glacier Gorge. We have personally hiked to 5 of the 9 lakes.
2 Rainbow Lakes and Slide Lake Hike This remote hike takes you by 4 beautiful alpine lakes and some unnamed falls in the heart of the Mount Zirkel Wilderness.
3 American Lakes Hike This hike takes you along a stream and then up to the American Lakes. If you hike off trail towards Snow Lake, you get a great view down on the lakes, that loosely resemble how the Americas look on a globe. At the end of the hike, Snow Lake is nestled within an alpine cirque.
4 Odessa Gorge Hike This hike takes you along the upper stretches of the Big Thompson River, by Fern Falls and to 3 of the named lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park: The Pool, Fern Lake and Odessa Lake. The last two lakes allow wonderful views of the surrounding mountains that tower above you.
5 Hike to the Hidden Lakes in the Northwest Corner of the Comanche Peak Wilderness This hike takes you to several seldom-visited and unnamed lakes in the Comanche Peak Wilderness. The tranquil solitude you get to enjoy in this beautiful area is well worth the effort to get here.
6 Mirror Lake Hike This hike takes you along and across 3 different streams, up along beautiful Hague Creek Park, and finishes at Mirror Lake that lies at the bottom of a long, deep cirque.
7 Gorge Lakes and Peaks Backpacking Trip This hike takes you into the very rugged, remote and spectacular Gorge Lakes area of Rocky Mountain National Park.
8 Emmaline Lake Trail This trail takes you through prime moose habitat on the way to Cirque and Emmaline Lakes, sitting at timberline at the base of a deep alpine cirque. But you can just do half of the hike and still enjoy wonderful views from Cirque Meadow.
9 Blue Lake Trail This trail takes you to Blue Lake sitting just below timberline. A short, but steep off trail hike from Blue Lake leads to Hang Lake.
10 Lake Isabelle Hike This hike leads past Long Lake and ends at Lake Isabelle right at timberline

Honorable Mentions
Gem Lake Trail Chasm Lake Hike
Emerald Lake Hike
Lake Agnes Trail