Joe and Frede's Top 10 Lake Hikes - All Top 10 Hikes Lists - Colorado
These are our personal 10 favorite hikes to lakes, with an emphasis being on how nice the lake(s) are at the end
1 Glacier Gorge Hike This is our number one lake hike because of all 9 lakes you can find up Glacier Gorge.
2 Rainbow Lakes and Slide Lake Hike This remote hike takes you by 4 beautiful alpine lakes and some unnamed falls in the heart of the Mount Zirkel Wilderness.
3 American Lakes Hike This hike takes you along a stream and then up to the American Lakes. If you hike off trail towards Snow Lake, you get a great view down on the lakes, that loosely resemble how the Americas look on a globe. At the end of the hike, Snow Lake is nestled within an alpine cirque.
4 Odessa Gorge Hike This hike takes you along the upper stretches of the Big Thompson River, by Fern Falls and to 3 of the named lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park: The Pool, Fern Lake and Odessa Lake. The last two lakes allow wonderful views of the surrounding mountains that tower above you.
5 Hike to the Hidden Lakes in the Northwest Corner of the Comanche Peak Wilderness This hike takes you to several seldom-visited and unnamed lakes in the Comanche Peak Wilderness. The tranquil solitude you get to enjoy in this beautiful area is well worth the effort to get here.
6 Gorge Lakes and Peaks Backpacking Trip This hike takes you into the very rugged, remote and spectacular Gorge Lakes area of Rocky Mountain National Park.
7 The six lakes of the upper North Fork Big Thompson Basin This is a very long hike, best done as a backpacking trip, that takes you past six beautiful lakes in a remote section of Rocky Mountain National Park.
8 Emmaline Lake Trail This trail takes you through prime moose habitat on the way to Cirque and Emmaline Lakes, sitting at timberline at the base of a deep alpine cirque. But you can just do half of the hike and still enjoy wonderful views from Cirque Meadow.
9 Mirror Lake Hike This hike takes you along and across 3 different streams, up along beautiful Hague Creek Park, and finishes at Mirror Lake that lies at the bottom of a long, deep cirque.
10 Blue Lake Trail This trail takes you to Blue Lake sitting just below timberline. A short, but steep off trail hike from Blue Lake leads to Hang Lake.

Honorable Mentions
Lake Isabelle Hike
Gem Lake Trail
Chasm Lake Hike
Emerald Lake Hike
Lake Agnes Trail