Mariana Butte Natural Area - City of Loveland - Colorado       
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Photos from this photo album are from the following date(s): May 9, 2018; January 21, 2019; May 19, 2019
Places and things seen on hike: Mariana Butte, Mariana Butte Golf Course, Oxbow Natural Area, Rossum Drive, Devil's Backbone, American Wintercress, Boulder Raspberry, Chokecherry, Fuzzytongue Penstemon, Golden Banner, Golden Currant, Honeysuckle, Lambstongue Ragwort, Meadow Death Camas, Narrowleaf Puccoon, One-Sided Penstemon, Shorts Milkvetch, Western Spiderwort, Western Wallflower, White Loco, Houndstongue, Beebalm, Western Stickseed, Wax Currant, Bastard Toadflax, Blue Mustard, Sulfer Flower, Mountain Mahogany, Yellow Alyssum, unknown flower
Elevation range (in thousands of feet, estimated from a digital topographic database):
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