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Ranked Peak 10583 Hike 3 Transformers Hike to Ranked Peak 8194 Ranked Peak 7509 Hike Ranked Peak 7790 Hike Hike up ranked peaks 7900 and 7305 Ranked Peak 8300 Hike Ranked Peaks 8431, 8632 & 8011 Hike Alexander Mountain Hike American Lakes Hike Antexander Mountain Hike Arthurs Rock Hike Aspen Brook Trail Hike to the Stormy Peaks B17 Crash Devil's Backbone Hike Bald Mountain Hike Hot Air Balloon Ride Battle Mountain Hike Beaver Creek Trail and Comanche Lake Trail Beaver Falls Trail and Surprise Pond Trail Beaver Mountain Hike Betasso Preserve Bierstadt Lake Hike Big Bend Bump and Ranked Peak 9980 Hike Big Elk Park area peaks hike Taylor and Big John Mountains and the Bright Trail Big South Trail Big South 10ers Hike Big South 9ers Hike Big Thompson Ice Route Prospect Mountain via Birdseye Gulch Bison Butte, Terry Anticline and Terry Peak Black Bear Trail Black Mountain Hike Black Powder Trail Blue Lake Trail Blue Sky Trail The lower trails of Bobcat Ridge Natural Area Bobcat Gulch Hike Boston Peak Hike Boulder Brook Trail and Half Mountain Hike Brackenbury Cabin Trail and Browns Lake Trail and Crown Point Hike Buchanan Pass and Saint Vrain Glacier Trails Buck Ridge from Old Flowers Road Buckeye Lake and Peak Hike Buffalo Mountain Trail Buffalo Pass Lakes Hike Bull Mountain Hike Bulwark Ridge Trail to South Signal Mountain Button Rock and Button Rock Mountain Hike Button Rock Reservoir Loop Hike Cameron Peak Hike West Branch and Camp Lake Trails and Ranked Peak 11330 Hike Caribou Area Hike Sundance Trail Castle Mountain Hike Cathedral Lake Trail The Palace, Ranked Peak 7402, and Cedar Gulch Central Gulch Hike to Berry Ridge and Ranked Peaks 8140 & 8315 Chalk Bluffs Hike Lake Haiyaha and Chaos Canyon Hike Chapin, Chiquita, and Ypsilon Hike Chapin Creek Trail to Nutcracker and Confluence Peaks June 19, 2018 Northern Colorado Storm Chase 26 May 2021 Northeast Colorado Storm Chase Chasm Lake Hike Chicken Park Peaks Hike Chiquita Creek valley hike Emmaline Lake Trail Fall Mountain via the Emmaline Lake Trail and Cirque Ridge Clear Lake Peak Hike Coffintop Mountain Hike Coffintop Mountain via Coffintop Gulch Coffintop Mountain via Deadman Gulch Colorado National Monument Old Morrill Trail and Comanche Peak Hike Coney Island and Coney Lake Hike Constitution Knob Hike Cook Mountain Hike North Sheep Mountain Circumnavigation Hike Coyote Ridge and Rimrock Trails Crater Lakes Hike Crazy Mountain Quad Peak Extravaganza Creedmore Lakes Hike Crosier Mountain Trail from the Rainbow Pit Trailhead Crosier Mountain Trail from the Garden Gate Trailhead Lower Dadd Gulch Trail Dakota Ridge Hike Dark Canyon Trail and Point 7780 Hike Dark Mountain Hike Green and Deadhorse Mountains Hike Deadman Gulch Trail Deadman Lookout Deer Meadows Hike Deer Mountain Hike Deer Ridge Hike Diamond Peaks Hike Mallory Cave and Dinosaur Mountain Hike Donner Pass Trail to Lookout Mountain Double Dip Gulch and beyond Hikes from the Dowdy Lake Recreation Area East Glacier Knob Hike Longs Peak Hike - Keyhole Route East Stormy Peak Trail Eagle's Nest Open Space Eagle Cliff Mountain Hike East Chalk Bluffs Hike El Diente Peak Backpacking Trip Elk Ridge Hike Hike from the Elkhorn Creek Trailhead Elliott Ranch Hike Emerald Lake Hike Emerald Mountain Hike Emerald Mountain Hike Estes Cone Hike Evans Gulch Hike Hike to Fairview Peak and Ranked Peak 8588 Old Fall River Road Hike Falls Gulch Peaks Hike Finch and Pear Lakes Hike Fish Creek Trail Bear Creek Trail and Flattop Mountain Hike Flowers Trail Foothills Trail Forest Lake Hike across Forest Canyon Fox Creek and West Creek Cutoff Trails Garden of the Gods Hike Gem Lake, West Gemstone, and Balanced Rock Hike Glacier Creek Trail Long Comfort Rock and Hidden Meadow Hike Crosier Mountain Trail from Glen Haven Golden Age Hill, Porphyry Mountain, and Bald Mountain Hikes Burro Trail Gorge Lakes and Peaks Backpacking Trip Grass Lake Hike via the Big South Trail Green Mountain West Ridge Trail The upper trails of Bobcat Ridge Natural Area Greyrock Mountain Hike Greyrock Weenie and Beanie Routes Grouse Hollow Hike Great Sand Dunes National Park Hall Ranch Hanging Valley and Thousand Falls Hike Ranked Peak 7380 and Haygood Canyon Hike Heil Valley Ranch Hell Canyon Road Hike Hell Canyon Road to Pole Hill Road Traverse Hewlett Gulch Trail Hike to the Hidden Lakes in the Northwest Corner of the Comanche Peak Wilderness Trail Ridge Road and Hidden Valley Hike Homestead Meadows Hike to Kenny Mountain Hike to 'Homeview Peak' (Ranked Peak 10,720') Hoosier Pass Hike Horsetooth Mountain Hike from Lory State Park Horsetooth Coves Hike Horsetooth Mountain Less-Travelled Trails Horsetooth Mountain Hike Hourglass Trail Huccacove Cave Trail Ridge and Iceberg Lake Hike Indian Caves Hike Indian Meadows Hike Ironclad Mountain Kingston and James Peaks Hike Jenny Creek Trail Joe Mills Mountain and Mount Wuh Hike Jug Gulch Hike Kelly Flats Road and Lonetree Mountain Hike Kenny Mountain and Popes Hill Hike Killpecker Trail, North Lone Pine Trail, North Bald Mountain and Middle Bald Mountain Kruger Rock Trail and The Finger Hike Kyle Gulch Trail Lady Moon Trail Lake Agnes Trail Lake Helene Hike Lake Isabelle Hike Lampton and Fiddler Ridges Hike Lawn Lake Backpacking Trip Hike to Ranked Peak 7201 Storm Pass Trail and nearby peaks Lily Mountain Trail and Rams Horn Mountain Hike Limber Pine Trail Link, Medicine Bow, and McIntyre Creek Trails Lion Gulch Trail to Homestead Meadows, Lion Head and Pierson Mountain Little Beaver Creek Trail Livermore Mountain and Ranked Peak 6975 Hike Loch Vale Hike Lone Pine Trail Lone Pine Peaks Hike Lonetree Reservoir Hike Long Draw 10ers Hike Longs Peak Hike via North Longs Peak Trail Lookout Mountain Trail Crystal Mountain Road and Lookout Mountain Trail Lory State Park Loop Hike Black Pool and Lost Brook Falls Hike Mounts Dickinson and Dunraven & the lakes of the Upper North Fork Big Thompson Basin Loveland Recreation Trail Equalizer Lake and Houts Reservoir Trails Lower Beaver Creek Trail and Upper Fish Creek Trail Lower Elkhorn Creek Hike Lumpy Ridge and Bridal Veil Falls Loop Hike MacGregor Mountain and Falls Hike Lost Lake and Many Thunders Mountain Hike Many Thunders Road and North Lone Pine Creek Hike Mariana Butte Natural Area Marmot Point Hike Maroon Lake to Crater Lake Maxwell Peaks and Sheep Mountain Hike South Maxwell Peak Hike Mount McConnel Trail McIntyre Trail to Shipman Park Zimmerman Lake and Meadows Trails Medicine Bow Trail and nearby peaks Mount Meeker Mesa Verde National Park Michigan Ditch Trail Middle Mountain Hike Miller Fork Trail Glacier Gorge Lakes Hike Mineral Springs Trail Mirror Lake Hike (on the Corral Creek, Mummy Pass and Mirror Lake Trails) Mirror Lake Trail Miscelaneous animals we have seen that aren't included in other hike albums Mitchell Creek Trail and Blue Lake Hike Moen Ranch Peaks Hike Granite Ridge Trail (formerly, Molly Lake Trail) Montgomery Pass Trail Moody Hill Road (FDR 513) Beaver Meadows and Moraine Park Hike Mount Royal Trail to Royal Mountain Our move to Colorado Mount Audubon Hike Mount Evans Trail Mount Ida and Chief Cheley Peak Hike Mount Margaret Trail Mount Olympus Hike Mount Sanitas Hike Mummy Pass Trail and Fall Mountain Hike Mushrooms of Colorado Bear Lake to Grand Lake Hike via the Flattop Mountain and North Inlet Trails Neota, Thunder, and Lulu Hike Niwot Mountain Hike Nixon Park & Hell Canyon Hike North Fork Trail North Fork of the Poudre Hike North Middle Mountain Hike North Sheep Mountain and ranked peak 8547 Hike Odessa Gorge Hike Old Flowers Road and Ranked Peaks 9166 and 8806 Oldman Mountain Hike Otis Peak, Hallett Peak, and Flattop Mountain Hike Overland Trail Historical Trip Pagoda Mountain Palisade Mountain Hike from the southeast Palisade Mountain Hike Palisade Mountain Scramble Panorama Peak and The Notch Hike Pawnee Buttes Hike Peacock Pool Hike Pendergrass Road and Trail Pennock Pass Peaks Hike Picture Rock and Wild Turkey Trails Pierson Park Road to Ranked Peak 9475 and House Rock Twin Sisters Peaks via the Lookout Springs Trail from Pierson Park Road Pikes Peak Pinewood Reservoir & Ramsay_Shockey Open Space Pole Hill and Sugarloaf Mountain Hike Poudre Peak Hike Poudre River Trail Prospect Mountain Hike Quandary Peak Trail Rabbit Mountain Hike Rainbow Lakes and Slide Lakes Hike Ramsey Peak, Sugarloaf Mountain and Skull Point Hike Rawah Ditch Trail South and North Rawah Peaks Backpacking Trip Aspen Area Hiking Red Mountain Hike Red Mountain Open Space Loop Red Rocks Park Redstone Canyon Road Rocky Mountain Arsenal Hike Roaring Creek Trail Rollins Pass Hike Rotary Park Climbing Pinewood Springs Loop Hike to Round and Moose Mountains Round Mountain Trail and Stone Mountain Hike Royal Arch Trail Ruby Jewel Lake Hike South and North Ryder Peaks South Arapaho Peak Hike Bear Peak and South Boulder Peak Hike South Park Peak Hikes South Peak Hike South Sheep Mountain & Saint Vrain Falls Hike South Table Mountain Salamander Lake Hike Sand Creek National Natural Landmark Sandbeach Lake Trail Sawmill Creek Trail Sawtooth Mountain & Red Deer Lake Hike Southeast Bald Mountain Hike Sevenmile Road Hike Sheep Mountain Hike Signal Mountain Trail Skin Gulch Hike Skyline Ditch Trail Sleeping Elephant Mountain Hike Sleepy Lion Trail Mount Sniktau Hike Soapstone Prairie Outer Loop Soapstone Prairie Towhee and Mahogany Loops Mounts Soprano, Mezzo, and Alto via the Switzerland Trail Sourdough Trail Little South Fork of the Poudre Hike The Spearhead Spruce Mountain Hike South Park Trail to Square Top Lakes Meadow and Saint Vrain Mountains Hike Saint Vrain Greenway Trail Steep Mountain Hike Storm Mountain Hike Storm Mountain Trail and nearby rock exploration Stormy Peaks Trail Sugarloaf Mountain and Bald Mountain via the Switzerland Trail Sugarloaf Mountain (8980') Hike Sullivan Gulch Trail Toll Memorial Trail and Sundance Mountain Hike Swamp Creek Cutoff Trail and South Bald Mountain Hike Taylor Peak via Andrews Glacier Thatchtop, Solitude Lake, and Shelf Lake Hike The Camel Hike The Monastery Trail The Needles Hike Thorodin Mountain, Starr Peak and Sheepshead Hike Thunder Peak Hike Mount Tileston and Bighorn Mountain Hike Tombstone Ridge Hike via the Ute Trail Little Thompson River Hike Green Mountain TH to Bear Lake via the Green Mountain, Tonahutu, and Flattop Mountain Trails Trap Park Trail & Table Iron, Iron Mountain and Flat Top Mountain Hike Triangle Mountain Hike True Gulch Hike Laramie-Poudre Tunnel and Green Ridge Hike Turkey Roost and Halligan Reservoir Hike Turkey Roost and North Fork of the Poudre Hike Green Ridge Hike Twin Sisters Peaks Trail Twin Sisters Peak Hike Uneva Peak Hike Upper Cherokee SWA Hike Upper Dadd Gulch Trail and Cheyenne Ridge Road Ute Trail - eastern section Ute Trail - western section Eggers Gulches Hike Wild Basin Waterfalls and Ouzel Lake Hike West Branch Trail North Boundary Trail and West Creek Falls Trail West Creek Trail Pawnee Buttes West Hike White Pine Mountains Hike White Rock and Cache la Poudre Wilderness HP Hike Windy Gap Peaks Hike Winiger Gulch Hike Winiger Peak Hike Wintersteen Trail Young Gulch Trail Youngs Peaks Hike Ypsilon Lake Trail Zimmerman Trail
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