Hewlett Gulch Trail - Roosevelt National Forest - Colorado       
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Photos from this photo album are from the following date(s): December 3, 2005; March 22, 2007; March 25, 2018; June 7, 2018; June 9, 2018
Places and things seen on hike: Hewlett Gulch Trail, Gordon Creek, Hewlett Gulch, Adams, Pasque Flower, ruins, Spaulding Mine, Putnam's Cicada, Oriental Poppy, Dalmatian Toadflax, Watercress, Parry Geranium, Yellow Stonecrop, Prickly Pear Cactus, Fleabane, Wild Alfalfa, Starwort, Poison Ivy, Meadow Anenome, Fuzzytongue Penstemon, Limber Vetch, Leafy Spurge, unknown flower, Water Speedwell, Black Locust
Elevation range (in thousands of feet, estimated from a digital topographic database):
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