Gorge Lakes and Peaks Backpacking Trip - Rocky Mountain National Park - Colorado       
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Photos from this photo album are from the following date(s): August 14, 2015; August 15, 2015; August 16, 2015
Places and things seen on hike: Gorge Lakes, Highest Lake, Azure Lake, Inkwell Lake, Doughnut Lake, Arrowhead Lake, Love Lake, Rock Lake, Little Rock Lake, Forest Lake, Hayden Lake, Little Rock Lake backcountry campsite, Terra Tomah Mountain, Mount Julian, Cracktop, Ranked Peak 12820, Chief Cheley Peak, Mount Ida, Jagor Point, Jackstraw Mountain, Shipler Mountain, Specimen Mountain, Hayden Spire, White-Tailed Ptarmigan, Forest Canyon, Trail Ridge Road, Continental Divide, Milner Pass Trailhead, Never Summer Range, Hayden Gorge, Black Tourmaline
Elevation range (in thousands of feet, estimated from a digital topographic database):
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