Elliott Ranch Hike - Colorado State Fish and Wildlife Area - Colorado       
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Photos from this photo album are from the following date(s): May 14, 2011; May 21, 2011; May 3, 2014; May 20, 2018
Places and things seen on hike: Cherokee Park Road, Cherokee State Wildlife Area, North Fork Rabbit Creek, Symbol Rock, Middle Fork Rabbit Creek, Beaver Ponds, Elliott Ranch, Prairie Phlox, Ranked Peak 7280, Juniper, Rabbit Creek, South Fork Rabbit Creek, Pinchusion Cactus, Cattle, Twin Mountain, Salt-and-Pepper, Wax Currant, Shorts Milkvetch, Golden Smoke, Columbia Silkmoth, unknown flower, Scouler’s Popcorn, Lamb’s Tongue Groundsel, Snowball Saxifrage
Elevation range (in thousands of feet, estimated from a digital topographic database):
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