The 31 Named Waterfalls of Rocky Mountain National Park

Click on the links for slideshows of hikes to different lakes. There are only a few for now, but the number should increase bit by bit, as we continue hiking in the park.
Map of the Falls in the Park
NameLatLonHeight (feet)Elevation
Adams Falls40.2368-105.7960558,505
Alberta Falls40.3034-105.6375259,400
Bridal Veil Falls40.4358-105.5503408,840
Calypso Cascades40.1942-105.5900909,280
Cascade Falls40.2711-105.7656?8,795
Chaos Canyon Cascades40.3054-105.6544?10,000
Chasm Falls40.4167-105.6721309,050
Columbine Falls40.2611-105.598611011,440
Copeland Falls40.2062-105.5678128,510
East Inlet Falls40.2280-105.7583?8,960
Fan Falls40.2295-105.6504?11,160
Fern Falls40.3474-105.6672608,800
Glacier Falls40.2938-105.6453129,870
Grace Falls40.3231-105.6881?10,265
Granite Falls40.3185-105.7717?9,805
Horseshoe Falls40.4137-105.63352508,900
Lost Falls40.5035-105.5655?9,850
"Lost Brook Falls"40.3671-105.6976409,440
Lyric Falls40.2242-105.5954?10,150
Marguerite Falls40.3398-105.6740?9,430
MacGregor Falls40.4106-105.5609208,405
Mertensia Falls40.2128-105.6406?10,370
North Inlet Falls40.2791-105.7207?9,490
Ouzel Falls40.1990-105.6002609,460
Ribbon Falls40.2669-105.6396?10,565
Thousand Falls40.4106-105.6638?9,200
Thunder Falls40.2275-105.6393?10,895
Timberline Falls40.2846-105.66393010,475
Trio Falls40.2359-105.6400?11,285
War Dance Falls40.2885-105.7292?9,900
West Creek Falls40.4513-105.5164227,955
Windy Gulch Cascades40.3557-105.6385?8,700
The height of the falls is an estimate, and in the cases of falls with multiple drops, is the sum height of the entire falls.
The elevations of the falls are estimated at their center point from USGS Topographic maps and may not be their official elevations.
Quad information to come later

Map of the Falls in the Park

Adams Falls Alberta Falls Bridal Veil Falls Calypso Cascades Chasm Falls Columbine Falls Copeland Falls Fern Falls Horseshoe Falls MacGregor Falls Ouzel Falls Ribbon Falls Timberline Falls West Creek Falls Granite Falls Thousand Falls